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We are a local fitness center with our main focus on the
personal touch. For 15
 years we have provided our clients with 
fitness programs focused on achieving improved results.
We concentrate on sports specific fitness training.

The only fitness center on the island!

Weight Management
Fitness for Seniors
Orthopedic Exercise
Therapeutic Exercise
Fitness Nutrition
Body Training
Personal Training

Personal training

Learn how to prevent injury with functional Movement Screening.
Functional movement screening helps
you learn how to prevent injury.
Proper exercise or rehab programs can be
created as weakness is found during screenings.
This will enhance STABILITY, STRENGTH, and AGILITY.

FMS is evaluating the musculoskeletal system and bio-mechanics.
We will ask you to perform several movements to recognize
patterns to daily activities. This will show how important
it is to incorporate movement patterns
to your health and goals.

501 Grand Central Ave

Lavallette, NJ 08735




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Meet our

We Create Fitness To Fit Individuals Needs

Yoga Practice


Head trainer and owner, Gabriela has extensive knowledge on fitness and nutrition due to her range of experience and education as a personal trainer. Her customer base includes both men and women of all ages with many levels of athleticism. She has an MBA and is a sports nutritionist.


Jessica has been an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor since 2008. In addition, she is certified in Pilates, Zumba, Zumba Strong, and Prenatal fitness and nutrition. 

Gym Tools


Carl is a public school educator and principle. He is a former naval academy graduate and has been a personal trainer at LPF each summer for years. He loves sports and can help keep you in shape during the summer season. 

Senior Yoga


Lori joins us every summer.

She has been training since

the late 90's. Lori is our most experienced Pilates reformer

trainer and is well rounded

and trains everyone from experienced athletes to

seniors looking to stay healthy.

This is not your ordinary

cookie cutter workout!!

Athletic Man


Maria is a former first place winner in women's light

weight division NPC body building championship. She

has years of experience at

many large facilities and was

a fitness director in the past.  

Jumping Over Water
mike (2).jpg


Mike is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. He joined

us a few years ago and is an avid cyclist. He is great with young athletes looking for

the extra push. 

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